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Glass Shard Application on Lampwork Bead Video

In this video I make a small bead with my own handblown shards!

Shards are thin sheets of blown glass that can be wrapped around beads to add interest and detail to a design. I used shards quite a lot back when I was making large focals. But applying them to small beads can be a bit tricky. Especially if you are using reactive shards that tend to move while they melt in the heat of the flame.

I hope you enjoy it!

Please note:  There is no speaking or teaching in this video, it is just a demonstration for entertainment purposes only. As such, I will not be offering any advice or information as to the colors, tools or techniques I use. If you learn something new, that’s great! But the video is really just for your enjoyment.


A photo of the finished bead after kiln annealing…

hand blown glass shard bead, applying shards, making glass beads, aqua turquoise bead, organic beads

Disclaimer: please do not attempt these techniques unless you are well skilled in working with molten glass in an open flame – if you do try these techniques you assume all responsibility for the outcome of your efforts and agree that you are aware of and will comply with any and all safety precautions associated with making glass beads including but not limited to proper ventilation of your work environment, wearing safety glasses and appropriate clothing, use of an open flame, working with hot glass, being careful around sharp glass, etc., etc… CCGlassArt cannot be held responsible for any negative results you may incur attempting these techniques.

About ccglassart

Combining fire and glass to create fine handmade lampwork glass art beads & murrini for designers, collectors, and glass artists.


4 thoughts on “Glass Shard Application on Lampwork Bead Video

  1. Hello Christina,Are you going to be listing the bead you have pictured in this post, or may I just purchase it?  I love the pattern on it!Kind regards,NanetteSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App


    Posted by | February 26, 2015, 4:18 pm
    • Hi Nanette! Thanks for your note 🙂 I am actually planning to offer some new Giveaways in the not too distant future (perhaps this weekend if I can figure it all out – lol!) And this will be one of the beads offered eventually. I will be hosting the giveaways on my FB page ( Even so, I do plan on making some Glass Shard beads available on Etsy soon too. They are a challenge, but so fun to make! 😀


      Posted by ccglassart | February 27, 2015, 9:19 am
  2. Thanks liked the tutorial. What is the press you are using I like the look of it.


    Posted by Pat | March 4, 2015, 8:23 pm

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