California Lead Law

CA Safe Jewelry Classifications Effective March 2008:

Class 1:

Stainless or surgical steel; karat gold; sterling silver; platinum, palladium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, or osmium; natural or cultured pearls; glass, ceramic, or crystal decorative components, including cat’s eye, cubic zirconia, cubic zirconium (CZ), rhinestones, and cloisonné; gemstones cut and polished for ornamental purposes (excluding aragonite, bayldonite, boleite, cerussite, crocoite, ekanite, linarite, mimetite, phosgenite, samarskite, vanadinite, and wulfenite); elastic, fabric, ribbon, rope, or string (unless it contains intentionally added lead and is listed as a class 2 material); and all natural decorative material, including amber, bone, coral, feathers, fur, horn leather, shell, wood, that is in its natural state and is not treated in a way that adds lead.

Class 2:

• Electroplated metal:
o On and before August 30, 2009, a metal alloy <10% lead by weight electroplated with suitable under and finish coats.
o After August 30, 2009, a metal alloy <6% lead by weight electroplated with suitable under and finish coats;
• Unplated metal <1.5% lead not otherwise listed as a class 1 material;
• Plastic or rubber, including acrylic, polystyrene, plastic beads and stones, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC):
o On and before August 30, 2009, < 0.06% (600 ppm) lead by weight.
o After August 30, 2009, <0.02% (200 ppm) lead by weight); and
• A dye or surface coating containing <0.06% (600 ppm) lead by weight.

Class 3:

Any portion of jewelry that meets both of the following criteria:
• Not a class 1 or class 2 material
• Contains <0.06% (600 ppm) lead by weight


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