Dichroic Lentils On ‘The Bay’

Dichroic glass is my current obsession. It has completely captivated me and I just can’t get enough. It is a tricky glass to use as the dichroic coating can easily burn off if exposed directly to the flame and sometimes the glass it’s adhered to can be fussy. I’ve lost 2 big beads, and 2 beautiful strips of expensive dichro to incompatible glass reactions…

Thankfully I had success with the beads below, just listed on eBay for only .99 cents each (and free shipping)! I’ve been selling on eBay for over 10 years and this is something I’ve done before and would like to continue. I feel starting the price at .99 cents enables people to set their own budget for what they can afford.

Soleil Dichro Bead

I had a hard time letting this bead go. It’s a Soleil series bead which came out so beautifully. The dichroic glass is simply stunning in person. I’ve held onto it for a couple weeks so I’ve had time to admire it all I want – and I have some beautiful pictures to remember it by. But now it’s time to allow someone else the enjoyment of owning this shimmering bead.

I wish I could show you this bead in person, especially in direct sunlight. Definitely an eyecatcher with bold, cheerful colors just in time for summer!

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 Celestial Focal

I had a hard time coming up for a name for this bead. I knew I wanted it to relate to outer space in some way since to me it looks like a planet. But ‘Planet Bead’ just didn’t have a nice ring to it…I thought maybe ‘Lunar’ but I already have a dichroic bead series called Luna. So I settled on Celestial. This can apply to any ‘other-worldly’ things like stars, planets, etc.

Because this bead has many dark shades of glass swirled throughout its design, it was difficult to get a photograph that really captured it’s true beauty. This photo shows the bead off well, but it is much more breathtaking in person. Those bits of dichroic suspended between the opaque and transparent glass is incredible, the depth in this bead just cannot be fully appreciated in a 2D photo.

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