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Well, I might be a little ‘late to the party’, but better late than never, right? Lol! 😀

handmade lampwork glass art murrini beadsYou can now find CCGlassArt on the ‘IG’ and I would absolutely love it if you would join me there.

Little by little I’m uploading lots of my bead photos, and will upload some videos there too…if I can figure out how to do that. 🙂

Now that the weather has cooled down I am gearing up to get back to the torch. I have so many new ideas for designs, I can’t wait! I need to make a few adjustments to my current torch set-up first, but once that’s done I’ll be good-to-go.

As always, I will keep you updated with any news and soon, some new beads to show.

Thank you for your continued support (and patience) while I found my inspiration to make beautiful beads again.


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Shimmering, Sparkling, Glittering, Handmade Artisan Glass Beads

I suppose with all the rain, cloudy skies, and gloomy weather we’ve been having off and on lately, (not that I’m complaining because we desperately need the rain), I guess I needed a little brightness in my life.

But not just a little glow or shine, I’m talking out-of-control shimmer and sparkle like you would not believe!

Ok, I admit it – I LOVE all things sparkly. So when the idea popped into my head to combine the sparkliest elements I had to work with (glitter and dichroic glass), it was only a matter of time before I made it happen.

The result is my new Mirrorball series! And while these look nice in photos, wait till you get them in direct sunlight – WOW! Sunglasses are recommended…haha 😀

I also have some of my encased murrini beads available this week, and even snuck a little more dichroic glass into them as well. What can I say, I was on a roll! 😉

All beads are available now on Etsy:

a collage of lampwork handmade artisan glass beads

Lampwork Glass Bead / Murrini Making Lessons & Mentoring

torchwork, flamework, lampwork lessons mentoringIntroducing Personalized One-on-One Bead / Murrini Making Lessons & Mentoring for Lampwork Artists from CCGlassArt!

I have been asked many times over the years if I teach, or would I travel to teach. With today’s technology, I am able to bring my knowledge directly to you – from my home studio to yours – with personal (and customized) one-on-one Bead Making Lessons & Mentoring!

***All sessions are recorded, and you will have unlimited access to replay the videos anytime!***

Click here to contact me now about bead making lessons & mentoring!

–> A little background…

When I first started lampworking it was 2008 – the first year of our country’s ‘great recession’, and a time when lampworkers who had already been selling beads for years agreed that the days of making good money from this craft were over.

In the beginning all I wanted was to make the money back I was spending on buying all the supplies I needed to make beads, and all the equipment I had invested in. I loved lampworking so much, making money at it was not my focus… But it is an expensive hobby so covering my cost was the only way I could justify continuing with it.

I went through pounds and pounds of glass, countless hours at the torch, and spent many years honing my craft to get to the level I am able to sustain today – while also creating a thriving business.

But, I felt like much of my struggles could’ve been avoided if I had just had the right guidance and knowledge from people who had gone before me. Most of the classes offered at the time were cost prohibitive for me to attend. So with the few books available on the market at the time, I had to set about learning on my own how to master all the techniques I needed to know to make the beautiful beads I dreamed of creating.

handmade glass murrini tutorial, lampwork ebookThis is one of the main reasons I wrote my two tutorials. At the time there was not one single book available to learn how to make murrini – which I had a small obsession lampwork bead Tutorial, encased murrini bead ebookwith (and still do 😉 ). I was buying tons of murrini from other talented artists but it was costing me a small fortune. My love of murrini was not financially sustainable for as much as I like to use them in my beads! The only solutions was to learn to make murrini myself.

So, I spent the next few years teaching myself and coming up with a method to reliably make complex murrini cane. I decided to share what I knew in my tutorials. My goal was to help other lampworkers avoid all the trial and error I went through, and just get to the part where they’re making beautiful murrini.

Since then, I have published other tutorials in the popular e-magazine Soda Lime Times. I also contributed a tutorial in their first edition of Hot Glass for Cool Kids which went on to raise over $10,000 for Beads of Courage which donates fun beads to kids who most need to smile, those who are struggling with serious health issues.

I am VERY proud of these accomplishments – and now am at a place with my craft that I have a heart to see other artists grow and be successful making glass beads. 😀

So, whether you are new to the art and need to learn the very basics of making lampwork beads, or are more experienced but need some knowledge in business and marketing that might help take your bead-making to the next level, this is a great opportunity to learn everything from making beads to selling them successfully.

I hold nothing back – I share everything I know about what I have learned in the craft of making beads. I also have a unique insight into the much-less-talked-about business side of making and selling beads.

Yes, you could spend the next several years going through a lot of trial and errors of practicing techniques on your own, or experience the ups and downs of trying lots of different ways to make a name for yourself in this industry – like I did. But why do that when you could glean from the personal experience of someone who’s already been through it, and has success now without making all those mistakes?

Making Beads & Murrini

  • live one-on-one sessions to learn bead-making techniques (encasing, murrini making/application, pressed beads, free form beads, focals, spacers, silver glass, mixing colors, blowing shards. etc.)
  • ask questions while I demonstrate techniques you request to see
  • I’ll show you all my secrets to creating my best-selling beads (including my signature encased murrini big hole beads!)
  • Streamlining your process of making & selling beads to maximize your time and the profit you can earn

Growing Your Business

  • live mentor sessions personalized to your needs only
  • advice for successfully selling on eBay, Etsy, and Facebook
  • how to take photos of your beads so they look their absolute best
  • using Photoshop to edit your bead pictures
  • creating marketing graphics in Photoshop
  • utilizing social media to gain exposure

I am able to offer this service either remotely or in person depending on your location. If you’re interested in learning how I might be able to help you grow your lampworking business be sure to let me know. I am happy to discuss my bead making lessons and mentoring services in more detail. 🙂

Pro lampwork beadmaker Christina Catherine of CCGlassArt

Christina Catherine

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