Musings of a Lampworker – The First Post

Although I very much doubt many people, if any, will actually read this first blog post, I have to start somewhere – so I’m just going to jump right in.

At the moment, I am waiting on two good sized glass orders. Including beautiful rubino and silver glass just waiting to be incorporated into some new designs I have planned.

I recently purchased a couple of new tutorials with advanced techniques I am dying to try. One using copper mesh I’ve had for a long time from fusing and another making rose murrini to bring me back to my painting on glass days.

Soon to come, beads for sale on Etsy and Artfire – not sure about eBay…still thinking over that idea. Their ever increasing listing and selling fees give me pause – but I have many years of great feedback on eBay so I may just dip my toe in for a while to test the waters there first.

Next post…pictures!


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