ECHO Beads – Goldstone & Rubino

Goldstone Coral/Aqua Echo BeadI am so inspired by the new color trend this summer; coral and aqua or teal. You will definitely see more from me in this palette.

Aside from Dichroic glass, there is another way to make glass shimmer with sparkly highlights. It’s with goldstone, (also known as Aventurine).

Goldstone comes in many forms such as stringer, tiny chips or chunks. In this particular bead I used both chips and stringer.

When the bead is molten, the coral glass base is rolled several times over the goldstone chips, then the whole thing is encased in clear glass to add tons of depth and sparkle.

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I also love working with Rubino Oro glass (which gets its brilliant Rubino Oro Flower Echo Beadpink color from real gold!) In glass, there are few pinks to choose from, and of those pinks, fewer of them turn out looking as stunning after some time in the flame as Rubino does.

For this bead, I worked with a combination of colors that have been on my mental ‘to-do’ list for quite some time. It wasn’t until the heat of summer arrived that I decided to bring them to life in a bead. 

The result was even better than I imagined. These cheerful shades of lime green, yellow, black, pink and white bounce off each other beautifully. The bright colors just pop, especially in person! Perfect for this time of year!

**Click here to view this bead on eBay**

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