Recent Beads & New Lampwork Murrini

With the kids back in school this month has gone by in a blur. So this is a ‘catch up’ post to share all the glassy things I’ve been making lately…and then some.

Let’s start with beads –

Balboa Pier round bead
Big Sur bead collection
Big Sur focal bead

Then I made some little murrini chips –

Cornucopia murrini chips
Retro murrini
Golden Harvest murrini

As a final note – I finally got my first ‘big girl’ camera…something I have been wanting for many years. I love photography and as I get older capturing memories seems to be even more important.

My kids have been fairly cooperative as I take pictures of anything and everything I see, including them.

But one member of my family wants nothing to do with my new toy:

Our dog Pearl

Somehow I’ve got to get her used to it because she is one of my favorite things to take pictures of! Hopefully she’ll come around and enjoy getting her picture taken…with any luck it’ll be before her next trip to the groomer (which will be soon) because she looks so adorable afterward. I just won’t be able to resist snapping a few pic’s of her all dolled up. 🙂

Sea Urchins & My New Pier Series Lampwork Beads

Summer may be winding down but the heat is cranking up where I live! While the rest of the country has seen some of the hottest weather we, here in SoCal, have been experiencing a fairly mild summer. Until now…. Typically, this time of year, we really get cooking all the way through October.

So even though Fall is just around the corner, I am still thinking of and inspired by the beach!

This week’s beads include my new ‘Pier’ series. These beads just reminded me of the pylons of a pier and all the little creatures that you can find attached to them:

Santa Monica Pier round bead
Santa Monica Pier round bead

Continuing with the sea life theme, I have two small round beads (perfect size for earrings!) featuring an organic design that reminded me of prickly sea urchins:

Sea Urchins bead pair
Sea Urchins bead pair