Sum-Sum-Summertime Beads

Hello! I hope you are having a great week. 🙂

Though summer hasn’t officially started, you’d never know it here in SoCal – at least where I live. We’ve been hitting 100 degrees already!

Now is the time when kids are getting out of school, and families are planning elaborate vacations – as for me, I am pricing portable air conditioners expecting to spend many long (yet enjoyable) hours this summer in front of my torch trying new designs and playing with new glass colors!

This week on eBay I have added a set of smaller sized beads in breezy seasonal colors of aqua and coral called “Cabana”.

I originally envisioned “Cabana” being made into a matching bracelet and earring set. But these beads would also look beautiful all strung together into one necklace.

I also have a Pandora bead available in a new painterly floral design called “Pink Roses”. You will definitely see more rose designs from me as I absolutely adore making them. This auction ends later today (Wednesday, 6/16).

“Desert Wind” is another bead I listed this week which has a more rustic, organic design with lots of fine silver foil burnished into Dark Ivory glass. I blew my own shards in shades of turquoise and coral and applied them to this bead in a random pattern for splashes of color with a wistful look.

Finally, I just listed a bead called “Renaissance” that features an intricate old-world design with scrolls, olive branches and tons of silver glass. This is a new style bead for me which I hope you’ll like.

Sneak Peek: I will be listing a brand new collection of beads in another day or two featuring gorgeous, natural earth tones in shades of topaz, amber and pistachio from wonderfully reactive glass shards with opalescent pink-blue highlights from a brand new silver glass called Clio.

Thank you for looking!

Until next time,

Christie / CCGlassArt 🙂

New Bead Collection – “Shire”

This is probably one of my most favorite sets I’ve ever made, definitely in the top 5! I am so proud of the way it turned out, if I may say so myself. 😉

As often happens, a collection of beads starts out as something completely different in my head.

Then, as I make each bead they take on their own unique personalities as they are born in the flame.

So many of the materials I use produce unpredictable results that don’t fully show themselves until they’re removed from the kiln some 14-17 hours after they are first made.

I’m often surprised at how well the beads turn out (or greatly disappointed when they don’t turn out as well as I thought they would and end up in my ever-growing ‘learning experience’ pile).

At the moment I completed stringing these beads together with all the coordinated spacers, I instantly knew this was a very special set.

Once I saw how all the the colors of soft jade and dark ivory worked together with the violet/periwinkle shades that developed from the different silver glasses I used, the name for this set, ‘Shire’, immediately popped into my head.

Being an old fan of LOTR books and movies, I felt these beads captured the essence of that wistful fantasy land so well.

“Shire” is available now on eBay – click here to view.

Until next time,


Spring Has Sprung

Hello! I hope you are having a great week and enjoying beautiful weather as we welcome Spring. 🙂 Here are my most recently listings on eBay:

SEA GRASS – This first collection reminded me of those wispy sea grasses blowing in the wind against a dusty blue sky on a sandy dune at the beach. It includes a lot of cylinder shaped beads in varying sizes for lots of options when designing.
Time Left: 3d

LUNA – The flowing colors in this bead are so beautiful in person. I named this bead Luna for the ethereal look the layers of silver glass gave to the base of this bead, in contrast to the rustic surface texture in places from transparent reactive shards. This bead also features a unique, new dimensional-looking silver glass murrini I recently made, on the front and back.
Time Left: 3d

SPRING – There was no other name for this wildflower inspired set. With the fresh, crisp colors of lime and teal in contrast to the pretty rose pink from Rubino Oro glass, this set just begged for the addition of some floral beads for a light, airy and still organic look.
Time Left: 6d

Until next time,