NEW Encased Glass Murrini Beads on Etsy!

Looooong time, no beads! Yep – I know it’s been a while since I last posted some new beads. Maybe even 5 or 6 months – yikes! 😮

This happened for a few different reasons… First, it was blazing hot at the end of last summer. And our hot weather lasts well into October. I fully admit to being a hot-weather-wimp. Torching next to a 1600° flame, a 850° rod warmer, and a 960° kiln when it’s over 100° outside is downright miserable for me.

Then, we rearranged my glass studio area, and it took several months to get the new area all set up with a much improved, and more powerful ventilation system. Then came the holidays…and well, it just took a long time to get things back up to speed – what can I say? :-\

The downside is that I missed a few months of really good torching weather when it was nice and cool – and now the temperatures have already climbed back up into the high 80’s, low 90’s.

But, the good news is – that I am bursting at the seams with ideas and designs for new murrini, and new beads after being away for so long!

Sitting back down at the torch to make this new batch of beads was great fun. It’s good to know I haven’t lost my ‘mojo’, and I have renewed energy to make even more pretties! 😀

These beads are now available on Etsy:

artisan glass art charm beads by Christina Catherine of ccglassart

Summertime Big Hole Beads

I just have a small batch of encased murrini beads this week – the heat has made torching very difficult. Even in the morning it’s already hot so my time making beads is pretty limited now. One day I hope to have a climate controlled bead making studio!

I have been on a latticino (or is it spelled laticcino?) kick lately – I love the detail that these swirly strands of glass add to my encased beads and can’t stop adding them to almost every one! LOL! 😀

These beads are available now on Etsy:



Charm Bracelet Bead Update

New big hole beads for European style charm bracelets (biagi, troll, pandor@, chamillia, etc) just listed on Etsy!

CoralTubeReef2 DeepSea3BarnacleReef2 HighTideReef4 LimeReef2 LowTideReef1 OpalReef3 RainbowReef3 ShellPinkReef3 SolarReef1 TopazReef2 WatermelonReef1

Been a while…

…Since I’ve updated the blog!

My family and I took a much needed vacay to FL last month where we had lots of fun in the hot, hot (and humid!) sun at Walt Disney World 😀  We had always wanted to take the kids there and were finally able to do it (had to work a little business in at the beginning of the trip, but made sure there was plenty of time for the fun stuff afterward) 😉  Here are a couple pics from our trip:

WaltDisneyWorld_5_2014 167 WaltDisneyWorld_5_2014 196

Once I got home, it took me a while to get back up into the swing of things. Especially when it came to making beads again. For one, I was all out of sterling silver tubing and it took some time to order it and wait for it to arrive. But just catching up with everything in life after a vacation takes time, ya know?

But now that I’ve got my mojo back and creativity flowing again I’ve got more beautiful beads to share. Some of the photos below were of beads I made before our trip – I am just now getting caught up listing them on the blog.

There may be a couple beads still available on Etsy from the batch I made since I’ve gotten back 😉

By the way, I always post new listings on Facebook but I know not everyone is on FB, or they don’t always see my postings. If you would like me to send out a personal email to you whenever I list beads, just send me a quick convo on Etsy with your request.