Spring Meadow, Fallen Feather Bead Set & Kailua Reef Encased Murrini Bead

Though I love a good storm, and we definitely needed the rain, this storm brought with it chilly temperatures I thought we’d seen the last of a couple months ago. So I was inspired to make these beads which all reminded me of the warmer weather to come. 🙂

Just added to Etsy today:

KAILUA REEF - round focal bead
KAILUA REEF – round focal bead
SPRING MEADOW - bead collection
SPRING MEADOW – bead collection

New Lampwork Beads on Etsy!

Something I haven’t done in a long time is post beads to Etsy for sale. But I have had several requests to list beads on Etsy for those that don’t enjoy the auction format of eBay.

So I am offering this collection of beads ready for immediate shipment on Etsy.com. 😀  I’ve included a few medium-sized focals (1″) along with a cute, petite mini focal as well as a round bead pair – all in some of my most popular designs, colors and patterns:

Sea Grass 1" focal bead
Mossy Stone round bead pair
Sea Urchins mini focal bead
Lake Moss 1" bead focal
Mossy Stone 1" bead focal

New Pier Glass Beads & Pink Impatiens Lampwork Bead Collection

“Sea Jewels” Lampwork Glass Bead Set

Sea Jewels lampwork bead set

It’s been weeks since we’ve enjoyed our traditionally sunny weather SoCal is so famous for. Instead, we’ve been under a dense and chilly cloud cover for much too long!

But, as usually happens, it helps me be inspired to create. So there is a plus side! 😀

When it’s overcast different colors are seen at the beach and in the ocean. All the hues are softened, and much more muted than when they’re under direct sunlight.

This glass bead set “Sea Jewels” captures the recent mood of the weather at the beach here in not-so-sunny SoCal. 😉

From The Serengeti To Neptune’s Net

It feels like I’ve been particularly busy this week making beads – which is fine by me since I love it so much! I believe a lot of my enthusiasm has to do with working with the style of beads you see. These are more organic and freeform in nature, yet all the random colors and patterns are captured within a perfect round shaped bead. This contrast of design is something I am drawn to making again and again.

Click here to view all of these beads available on eBay now!

SerengetiSERENGETI:  Lots of sparkle, shine and reactions going on in this bead. The glittering goldstone stringer against the deep topaz glass, shiny silver, and multicolored glass shards reminded me of the Serengeti plains in Africa at twilight.




NorthshoreNORTHSHORE:  I’m sure you can tell right away why I named this bead after a popular surf spot in Hawaii. The reactive glass shards I used here bloomed into this wave-like shape with bright ocean colors.




NefertitiNEFERTITI:  When working with this bead I initially had a completely different name in mind for it. But once I took the bead out of kiln the bead had come to life with so many richer colors than I expected. Also, the shape of the shards looked very egyptian to me, even resembling the famous bust of Nefertiti herself.




FeatherFEATHER:  With the deep raking and the wispy streaks of color that developed in the reactive silver glass, the name Feather just suited this bead perfectly.





Neptunes NetNEPTUNE’S NET:  It is so much fun to watch some of these reactive glasses come to life in the flame! The interaction between the base glass and the silver glass in this bead, produced this beautiful net-like pattern. With its pale carribbean blue color, I thought the name Neptune’s Net was fitting.




NapaNAPA:  This bead has a base of deep, rich true eggplant colored glass which is just beautiful against the reactive glass shards which developed into shades of celadon, chartreuse, aqua and teal. As if that wasn’t enough, the eggplant base glass peeked through the reactive glass creating what looked to me like little clusters of grapes, hence the name NAPA after Napa Valley, CA.



PersimmonPERSIMMON:  Here’s another bead that I originally had planned to name something different until I removed it from the kiln. The colors in this bead range from a true persimmon, to a light apricot and a soft coral. Set against a creamy light ivory background makes this bead especially beautiful in it’s simplicity.



Click here to view all of these beads available now on eBay!

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