1″ Sized Bead Focals on Etsy

I have been having a lot of fun creating these medium sized (and more modestly priced) lampwork focals for sale on Etsy.

They are not quite as labor intensive as my larger sized focals that I list on eBay. So I am able to have time to experiment with different color combinations and glass interactions – as well as incorporate some of my favorite design elements from the past.

Carnivale 1" lentil focal bead
Supernova 1" lentil bead focal
Gilded Rose 1" lentil focal bead

Stargazer Lilies & Beach Walk Beads

It has been the hottest weeks of the summer so far and therefore my time at the torch has become extremely limited. Thankfully, I was able to complete some beads before the heat wave hit! But until things cool down, I will have to commit all my new beady ideas to paper.

Until then, enjoy this week’s beads – I’ll have some new ones next week too, but after that…it’s up to ‘mother nature’.

Beach Walk round beads
Stargazer Lilies bead trio

Organic & Ornate Lampwork Beads

This week I was inspired to include reflective silver and gold elements in both rustic organic and shiny ornate bead designs.

Drops of Jupiter organic bead set
Honeysuckle round bead focal
Honeysuckle round bead pair

Introducing…Photo Pendants

One of my other hobbies is taking pictures – it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing my whole life. Now my love of wearable art has spilled over into photography with the creation of my new Photo Jewelry!

It’s such a great way to take a lovely picture with you and enjoy it wherever you go. And not only you, but those around you as well – how great is that?

To view more photos in my Etsy shop click the images below:

Bougainvillea Pendant
Bougainvillea Pendant
Fly Blackbird Fly Pendant
Fly Blackbird Fly Pendant
Spiral Shell Pendant
Spiral Shell Pendant