NEW Handmade Encased Murrini Bead Necklaces & Pendant

My obsession – going strong… 😀  You’d think after a year and a half of being consumed with making encased murrini beads I’d be tired of them by now. But no – there are so many endless design possibilities that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this style bead. Occasionally I do venture out and do different things, but I always seem to come back to these. What’s a girl to do? 😉

COZUMEL REEF - encased murrini bead necklace
COZUMEL REEF – encased murrini bead necklace
PANAMA REEF - encased murrini bead necklace
PANAMA REEF – encased murrini bead necklace
KEY WEST REEF - encased murrini bead pendant
KEY WEST REEF – encased murrini bead pendant
HONOLULU REEF - encased murrini bead necklace
HONOLULU REEF – encased murrini bead necklace

Encased Murrini Coral Reef Glass Beads – NEW!

Everyone knows how much I love murrini – I love making them, and I love using them a lot in my lampwork bead designs. I even wrote a tutorial on how to make beautiful murrini!

Something I have been working on perfecting for the past year has been encasing murrini beneath a layer of crystal clear glass so that it resembles an underwater ocean scene. It started with my pier beads and has evolved into my new coral reef series beads which are more complex with many different elements in the design.

More Watercolor Lampwork Beads & Encased Silver Glass Too :D

I’m on a roll! 😀

African Violets – big hole bead
Azalea – big hole bead
Bordeaux – big hole bead
Antique Rose – big hole bead
Marina Mist – big hole bead
Napa Sunset – big hole bead
Desert Rain – big hole bead
Island Rain – big hole bead
Ocean Rain – big hole bead

New Drop Pendant & Gazing Ball Necklaces

Life is getting busy again with the new school year approaching. But you wouldn’t know Summer is coming to an end with the way this heat wave is dragging on. We just try staying indoors in the air conditioning most of the time, and count down the days till Fall arrives (which for us usually isn’t until mid-October).

In the meantime, here are some beads I managed to make one cool morning before my studio reached unbearable temperatures:

Sea Flowers
Sea Flowers – petite gazing ball pendant
Kaleidoscope – gazing ball pendant
Bouquet – gazing ball pendant
Azalea – drop pendant necklace

Ready To Wear Lampwork Beads

The fun continues! I have spent the past few years creating lots of round beads so I’m still working my way through recreating many of those same bead designs, making them into my new Gazing Ball lampwork bead necklaces. And, as sometimes happens, inspiration hits and I end up creating new bead designs I hadn’t even thought of yet 😀

Here are this week’s ‘Gazing Ball’ lampwork glass bead pendant necklaces:

Blue Lotus – lampwork pendant necklace
Victorian Amethyst – lampwork bead pendant
Night Lilies – lampwork bead pendant
Glacier – lampwork bead pendant
Gilded Pearl – lampwork bead pendant
Cosmic Opal Teal – lampwork bead pendant