“Moonstones” Lampwork Glass Beads

"Moonstones" glass bead set

This is a design of mine that I revisit every so often because I just love the way they look and they’re so much fun to make!

These beads are all made with the same glass ‘recipe’ which includes transparent glass, opaque glass and reactive silver glass.

However, even though they are each made the same way, every bead has its own unique look because of the technique I use.

With soft shades of pale aqua, light violet, seafoam and a subtle reflective iridescent finish – these beads are versatile enough to be combined with other beads, but also pretty and interesting enough to stand on their own in any jewelry design.

Luna Bead Set & Matching Focal

I went “to the moon and back” when I created these lampwork glass art beads! 😀 With an opaque black base and many specialty materials I created my interpretation of a lunar themed design in glass.

LUNA lampwork bead collection
LUNA glass bead focal

Monet’s Lilies

It’s been a long time since I used powdered glass enamels in my beads. Although messy to work with, I love the wispy look they give. Combined with a special technique where they are layered with frit and encased in clear they develop what I like to call a ‘watercolor effect’.

In these beads I used this technique with enamels and glass frit in shades of teal, soft green, blue and lavender. Being a fan of Monet’s paintings I couldn’t help but name these beads after his unique impressionistic style.

Monet's Lilies focal bead
Monet's Lilies round bead set