Rainy Day Beads

We have rain! And I am most definitely not complaining… Not only are we are in a serious drought here in California, so the rain is very much needed, but I have been waiting sooo long for the weather to finally cool off. So while it’s dark, gloomy, and wet outside – it’s definitely a good thing!

Here’s some new beads to brighten up your week 🙂  Available now on Etsy.

CCGlassArt Encased Murrini Big Hole Beads

At last…NEW Lampwork Big Hole Beads!

The past couple months has been brutal, weather-wise. We’ve had one of the hottest summers I can remember. And, sadly, we’re not done yet! We will enjoy a little relief at the end of this week, where the temps will only be in the high 80’s, then it’s back up to almost 100+ again for another undetermined period of time.  😦

Thankfully we had a short break in the heat last week which allowed me a chance to hop on the torch for a while. It had been so long since I had last made beads that I really enjoyed myself. Can’t wait to get back beading more regularly! Hopefully by November the last of the heat waves will have passed…

Available now on Etsy – Enjoy! 😀

New Big Hole Beads

New Batch of Big Hole Beads on Etsy…Minus One :’-(

Sadly, my already small batch of beads that I had made to go up on Etsy this week got even smaller. One beautiful bead did not survive the coring process (as sometimes happens).

It happened to be one of my favorites…. But for me it’s not all bad news. Though I don’t get to share it with those of you who I know love these big hole beads – the plus side for me is I actually get to keep it! 😀

I will proudly add it to my own bracelet that is filled with big hole beads that didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. Despite their flaws, I still really enjoy them and love looking at them. 🙂

These beads are available now on Etsy

…except for this one that I cannot sell, but that will find a good home on my bracelet:


Thanks for looking!


Been a while…

…Since I’ve updated the blog!

My family and I took a much needed vacay to FL last month where we had lots of fun in the hot, hot (and humid!) sun at Walt Disney World 😀  We had always wanted to take the kids there and were finally able to do it (had to work a little business in at the beginning of the trip, but made sure there was plenty of time for the fun stuff afterward) 😉  Here are a couple pics from our trip:

WaltDisneyWorld_5_2014 167 WaltDisneyWorld_5_2014 196

Once I got home, it took me a while to get back up into the swing of things. Especially when it came to making beads again. For one, I was all out of sterling silver tubing and it took some time to order it and wait for it to arrive. But just catching up with everything in life after a vacation takes time, ya know?

But now that I’ve got my mojo back and creativity flowing again I’ve got more beautiful beads to share. Some of the photos below were of beads I made before our trip – I am just now getting caught up listing them on the blog.

There may be a couple beads still available on Etsy from the batch I made since I’ve gotten back 😉

By the way, I always post new listings on Facebook but I know not everyone is on FB, or they don’t always see my postings. If you would like me to send out a personal email to you whenever I list beads, just send me a quick convo on Etsy with your request.

The Obsession Returns – Encased Murrini Beads

Just when I thought I’d gotten tired of making these little gems, the obsession has struck again!

I usually like to make at least one or two of these types of beads to test new murrini and see how they look under encasement. The other day I was on a roll and made several – I still really enjoy making these beads! They are so challenging and in many ways they have a mind of their own, so the final result is always a bit of a surprise for me.

This week I have 5 new encased murrini beads, and 1 bubble crown bead. This bubble crown bead came out a little bigger than the ones I made before, it has 6 bubbles on top instead of 4, as well as an intricate swirled core of striped glass and shimmering dichroic. 😀

All beads are currently available on Etsy:

Avalon Reef - encased murrini bead necklace
Avalon Reef – encased murrini bead necklace
Cambria Reef - encased murrini bead necklace
Cambria Reef – encased murrini bead necklace
Carnival - glass bead pendant
Carnival – glass bead pendant
Great Barrier Reef - encased murrini bead necklace
Great Barrier Reef – encased murrini bead necklace
Pink Peony Reef - encased murrini bead necklace
Pink Peony Reef – encased murrini bead necklace
Wailua Reef - encased murrini bead necklace
Wailua Reef – encased murrini bead necklace