Late Summer Rounded Bicone Lampwork Focals

Long time, no beads!

It has been one long, hot summer here in L.A. – and unfortunately, for us, it’s not over yet. In fact, we’ll get many more 100+ degree days until October or so.

Because of the heat, and because I just needed a break, I have been on a beadmaking hiatus. But, I have been inspired to get back to the torch lately so I was very lucky to catch a tolerably warm morning and make some new beads!

Here is the start of a new series of beads in a lovely new shape, a rounded bicone.

CALYPSO - lampwork focal bead
CALYPSO – lampwork focal bead
KEY WEST - lampwork focal bead
KEY WEST – lampwork focal bead
LEO CARRILLO - lampwork focal bead
LEO CARRILLO – lampwork focal bead
ROSARITO BEACH - lampwork focal bead pendant
ROSARITO BEACH – lampwork focal bead pendant

Spring Bouquet Lampwork Bead

My daughter just told me that today is the first day of Spring! I thought for sure it was in April – but it is indeed today. I find this so funny because when I named and listed this bead on eBay I thought I was just pining for Spring, I didn’t realize it was already here – LOL! 😀

I will consider my timing kismet 😉  Now if the weather would just catch up…

Spring Bouquet dimensional floral focal bead

Crazy For Glass Dots!

As a lampworker I have always preferred to create freeform designs with my beads, only dabbling a little bit in fine dot placement. But recently I find myself drawn to carefully applying tiny dots to my beads with as much precision as my hands will allow. I guess in some ways it’s a new challenge and a sort of discipline to attempt to do it with relative symmetry.

So lately I have been immersing myself in creating beads with lots and lots of tiny dots and have been loving every minute of it! Something I never thought I’d hear myself say! 😀

This week’s listings include all dotted bead designs in rustic, weathered colors of fumed dark ivory, butternut, dark colbalt and deep red to give these beads an Old-World look.

Barcelona accent bead
Barcelona oval bead trio
Barcelona oval bead trio
Barcelona round bead trio