Christmas Beads With Encased Holiday Murrini

I don’t know about you, but I have been stunned by how fast Christmas came around this year! Where has the time gone? For some reason this year seems to have just zipped by. This might be a sign that I need to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ more often 😉

As it is I feel already late in getting these Christmas beads up. It didn’t help that my bead kiln just broke down on me and I have to wait on a part from the manufacturer to fix it. Thankfully my old, big kiln worked and I was still able to get these beads done this week. Otherwise, I think it really would’ve been too late to make them in time for Christmas this year had I waited much longer.

So here they are – whew! – my encased holiday murrini Christmas beads 😀

HOLIDAY SPARKLE - bead focal
HOLIDAY SPARKLE – bead focal
NOEL - bead set
NOEL – bead set

Lavender Flowers in Settings of Silver & Gold

Just when we thought Spring was on its way, we got hit with another cold front. We were so enjoying the mid-80’s temperatures when the weather turned and now we’re back in the 50’s with rain in the forecast. I realize we Californian’s are weather-wimps and are spoiled by lots of great weather most the year – so I am not complaining….too much ;-D

Here is another floral focal and round bead set. I do not see myself tiring of this design anytime soon. Flowers have always made me happy 🙂

Crocus lentil focal bead
Crocus round bead set

Organic & Ornate Lampwork Beads

This week I was inspired to include reflective silver and gold elements in both rustic organic and shiny ornate bead designs.

Drops of Jupiter organic bead set
Honeysuckle round bead focal
Honeysuckle round bead pair

Mini Sets – Lampwork Glass Beads

As much as I love spending time creating an entire set of several coordinating beads it is also fun to make ‘mini sets’ which allows me to switch gears creatively more quickly.

These mini sets were so much fun to make!

Desert Rose lampwork bead set
Shimmering Sand bead pair

“Cabaret” Glass Bead Collection & Focal

I have a tendency to gravitate toward more muted, natural colors most of the time, but every now and then I like to do something different with a color I haven’t worked with in a while.

This time the color was a beautiful soft cherry. I love this color glass because it’s not too bright and it’s more of a blue-based red, rather than a tomato-y orange based red.

Speaking of blue, this is one of red’s most complimentary colors so I incorporated bits of it into this set with some reactive silver glass.

"Cabaret" lampwork bead collection
"Cabaret" glass bead focal