New Underwater Aquarium Style Encased Murrini Focal Beads

One man’s ‘rut’ is another man’s ‘obsession’ – I can’t tell which it is for me, but I am loving making these encased murrini beads!

When I started making these beads a few years ago they were just a way to test my murrini to see how they’d look under a clear encasement. Now they have developed into little colorful kaleidoscopes of varying shapes and designs which I just can’t get enough of.

Opening the kiln the next day after making these beads is truly like Christmas morning because only then do I see all the true colors and reactions from the glass come to life. It is quite addicting 😉

Here are this week’s encased murrini beads:

Coral Sand Reef - focal bead
Coral Sand Reef – focal bead
Deep Sea Reef - focal bead
Deep Sea Reef – focal bead
Encinitas Reef - focal bead
Encinitas Reef – focal bead
Pink Sand Reef - focal bead
Pink Sand Reef – focal bead
Waikaloa Reef - focal bead
Waikaloa Reef – focal bead
Waimea Bay Reef - focal bead
Waimea Bay Reef – focal bead

3D Holographic Silver Glass Murrini

I added two new murrini designs to the shop today – both are made with transparent silver glass and layered in such a way that when applied they look like dimensional floating sea creatures.

SEA JELLY – silver glass murrini
SEA FLOWER – silver glass murrini

I’ve also brought back a very limited quantity of my most popular Starlight murrini in a swirl pattern:

STARLIGHT SWIRL – silver glass murrini

Fabulous Glass Florals

Introducing a new bead series featuring floral designs with a hand-painted look in glass!

These designs take me back to my acrylic painting days. Using my own hand pulled encased stringers I carefully ‘paint’ the entire floral design petal by petal, leaf by leaf, onto the surface of the bead. It’s a painstaking process but I love the intricate and detailed results.

Here are the first few designs I’ve done:

California Poppy – set of 9 handmade beads
Purple Daisy – lentil focal bead
Marigold – lentil focal bead

New Bead Pendants Hot Off The Torch!

New Gazing Ball series bead pendants are up on Etsy – along with something new…. A hand pulled dot flower Drop Pendant bead! 😀

Jacaranda – drop bead pendant
Sea Jewel – bead pendant
Oceanside Pier – bead pendant
Buttercups – bead pendant
Montecito Pier – bead pendant
Safari – bead pendant