Handmade Floral Lampwork Glass Beads & California Poppies

With the first day of Spring last week, it’s no coincidence that this week’s batch of beads is full of floral designs! Flowers are one of my favorite designs to create. I taught acrylic painting classes for years and painted nothing but flowers so I naturally gravitate toward them. Especially now that all the flowers are in bloom here in SoCal – I’m so inspired!

Over the weekend we took a drive up north to the California Poppy Reserve. Unfortunately, our timing wasn’t so great. While the Reserve had the densest flowering of poppies this year that it’s seen in over a decade, the week before we had a sudden heat wave with temperatures in the 90’s. Sadly, the poppies were not strong enough to withstand the heat, and almost the entire crop died in just a few days 😦

So, although not the breathtaking ‘wall to wall’ display of bright orange it had been just a week before – the Reserve was still a lovely sight to see with its rolling hills of green and a few areas of wildflowers. Here’s one of my favorite photos from our trip…

california poppy reserve, california poppies, southern california wildflowers

I foresee a poppy colored bead in my future! 😀

Until then, enjoy these new beads available now on Etsy:

handmade glass beads, flower beads, encased floral beads, petal beads, artisan beads

More Bubble Crown Beads

I sense another addiction coming on! 😮  LOL!

These little beauties are so fun to make – I have so many variations for these swimming around in my mind. Can’t wait for some more torch time to experiment 😀

Click on the links below to be taken to Etsy for a detailed description about each bead.

Pink Frosting - bubble bead
Pink Frosting – bubble bead
Rosarita - bubble bead
Rosarita – bubble bead
Tidepool - bubble bead
Tidepool – bubble bead
White Daisies - bubble bead
White Daisies – bubble bead

Late Summer Rounded Bicone Lampwork Focals

Long time, no beads!

It has been one long, hot summer here in L.A. – and unfortunately, for us, it’s not over yet. In fact, we’ll get many more 100+ degree days until October or so.

Because of the heat, and because I just needed a break, I have been on a beadmaking hiatus. But, I have been inspired to get back to the torch lately so I was very lucky to catch a tolerably warm morning and make some new beads!

Here is the start of a new series of beads in a lovely new shape, a rounded bicone.

CALYPSO - lampwork focal bead
CALYPSO – lampwork focal bead
KEY WEST - lampwork focal bead
KEY WEST – lampwork focal bead
LEO CARRILLO - lampwork focal bead
LEO CARRILLO – lampwork focal bead
ROSARITO BEACH - lampwork focal bead pendant
ROSARITO BEACH – lampwork focal bead pendant