Christmas Beads With Encased Holiday Murrini

I don’t know about you, but I have been stunned by how fast Christmas came around this year! Where has the time gone? For some reason this year seems to have just zipped by. This might be a sign that I need to slow down and ‘smell the roses’ more often 😉

As it is I feel already late in getting these Christmas beads up. It didn’t help that my bead kiln just broke down on me and I have to wait on a part from the manufacturer to fix it. Thankfully my old, big kiln worked and I was still able to get these beads done this week. Otherwise, I think it really would’ve been too late to make them in time for Christmas this year had I waited much longer.

So here they are – whew! – my encased holiday murrini Christmas beads 😀

HOLIDAY SPARKLE - bead focal
HOLIDAY SPARKLE – bead focal
NOEL - bead set
NOEL – bead set

Whimsical Glass Beads

Something I haven’t done in a long time is really let loose and follow my whim while making beads. In recent years I have strived for a lot of precision and intricate detail that requires careful, painstaking application – but I didn’t always make beads that way.

In the beginning, when I was simply exploring the possibilities of glass and experimenting with lots of different colors and techniques to find out what glass was capable of, I made a lot of beads like these.

It’s been refreshing to revisit these classic bead designs and colors. There is such freedom in allowing the glass to take you where it wants to go – instead of the other way around.

Winter Whimsy – lampwork bead collection

Winter & Holiday Lampwork Beads

I am fully in holiday mode! Usually it takes a while for me to get in the spirit of the season (probably from living in SoCal where we can be in the mid-80’s in December). But this year, for some reason, I’ve really gotten into the holidays early. 😀

This week’s beads reflect that wintery and festive mood –

Arctic Ice bead pair
Arctic Ice bead focal
Gilded Cranberry bead pair
Gilded Cranberry bead focal

Introducing…Photo Pendants

One of my other hobbies is taking pictures – it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing my whole life. Now my love of wearable art has spilled over into photography with the creation of my new Photo Jewelry!

It’s such a great way to take a lovely picture with you and enjoy it wherever you go. And not only you, but those around you as well – how great is that?

To view more photos in my Etsy shop click the images below:

Bougainvillea Pendant
Bougainvillea Pendant
Fly Blackbird Fly Pendant
Fly Blackbird Fly Pendant
Spiral Shell Pendant
Spiral Shell Pendant