Abalone Glass

You may be surprised to learn that this bead only has 2 colors in it! A little bit of black and a large amount of Reactive Silver Glass…

Echo Reactive Silver GlassReactive Silver Glass is an amazing medium to work with. It does remarkable things when worked in the heat of the flame.

When coaxed just right, reactive silver glass will produce the most beautiful varying shades of gold, green, teal and blue.

If you encase the glass in clear just after bringing these colors to the surface, they shimmer and glow even more!

When left exposed, they take on a slightly reflective quality with colors that shift in the light and change with the angle by which the bead is viewed.

This is such a beautiful bead in person – the colors that emerged are almost like an abalone shell. It is also very wearable because, in person the effect is subtle, not too bright or colorful  – so it can be worn with many different colors and fashions. **Click here to view this item on eBay now**

Echo Animal Print

I’ve been working on a design for an animal print bead for a while now. Animal print is a fun, classic design that is attractive in small doses. It’s considered a fashion ‘no-no’ to wear animal print from head to toe.

So with this bead, I took that advice into consideration. Not wanting to overwhelm the bead with the animal print pattern.

So I added just a few layers of striping on top of the encased pattern and raked it once to not only balance out the bottom and the top halves of the design – but also to add a bit of subtlety to the overall look.

The results are a very pleasing look that anyone can wear, and that will go with many outfits. **Click here to view this item on eBay now**

The beads below are available now, but their auctions are ending soon…click here for more information.

Echo Teal & RubinoPerwinkle Green Beads Set









Organic Silver Dot

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