Garden Party Meets Organics

Garden Party Bead Set w/ Rubino

I recently took an interest in making bead sets after purchasing some colored frit (crushed glass) to use in my usual bead focals.

This collection is called “Garden Party” as it just spoke to me of the colors now bursting in my own garden. Namely, my hydrangeas which are coming up bright pink this year!

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Another technique that has captured my attention is the Organic-style bead focal.

Organic beads are very different to make from florals and other whimsical beads. Besides the obvious differences in Organic Sun & Sandcolor, there is a tone, a certain thought and attitude they have. It’s almost as if these beads tell a story with their earthy, fossil-like details.

With this particular bead below, I wanted to ‘tell the story’ from beginning to end on my own. So everything you see is handmade by me, including the twistie and the murrini. This causes the bead-making process to take quite a bit longer than it might look like it would. But the end result is certainly worth it, if I do say so myself. 😉

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