20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Ocean Floor BeadI have wanted to make an ‘aquarium’ style bead for a long time now. But knowing the level of skill and the amount of work that goes into them, I was certainly intimidated and put off trying it. Until now!

This particular bead is most definitely a labor of love. So much work goes into this style bead, even before you begin to actually create the bead itself!

The lengthy process begins with preparing all the individual elements that together portray the whimsical aquarium scene.

In this particular piece, I first made a variegated green twisted cane representing seaweed. I also made a striped cane for kelp. I then created sea urchin and starfish murrini – both a challenge to shape into their given likenesses.

Finally, when it was time to begin the final piece, I made the base bead with pale aqua glass. I sprinkled the base with enamels, both transparent and opaque, in shades of blue, green for the water and pink for the ‘sand’.

I applied all the additional elements and only melted them in slightly so they were left a bit raised on the surface of the bead giving it much depth and texture.

With it’s asymmetrical shape and attention to detail, this bead is one that is hard to stop looking at! It’s available on eBay now – just click here to view…

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