From Cosmic Storm To Bushfire

Lately, I have been playing a lot with organic designs. I’ve also been drawn toward using sparkly cubic zirconia’s as well. Once I embedded the first one into a bead, I just couldn’t stop.
All these beads are available on eBay now! Just click on the name of each bead to be taken directly to their auction pages:
  Cosmic Storm
COSMIC STORM: This bead features transparent lilac glass covered with fine silver foil. Once melted the silver foil beads up creating hundreds of tiny little star-like droplets that shimmer on the surface of the glass. The bead is topped off with a reactive silver glass shard. Then the cubic zirconia is bezel set into the surface of the glass. The whole bead is etched to a matte finish really making the colors in the reactive glass pop!
Mulholland Dr
MULHOLLAND DRIVE: In L.A. there is a narrow, winding street that leads to a popular hangout where you can view the city from high on a hill. Because it’s so high, and so dark there, on a clear night you can see many more stars than if you were on the streets below trying to look up through the bright city lights.
 Pink Impatiens
PINK IMPATIENS: This bead takes me back to my painting days. The effect of multiple layers of clear glass under and over powdered glass enamels and ground glass frit creates a unique watercolor effect. Of course, the bead would not be complete without embedding a larger size cubic zirconia stone so that it appears to float in the glass.
BushfireBUSHFIRE: Any B-52 fans out there? If so, you’ll recognize this name as that of one of their most popular songs. I took one look at this bead once it came out of the kiln and I knew any other name just would not do.
THISTLE: The reactions in this bead from the base glass and the reactive silver glass shards were a wonderful surprise. When heated, they caused this fantastic webbed pattern to appear! Because of the color, and because of the spiky lines, the name Thistle came to mind instantly.
Until next time,
Christie of CCGlassArt <– Links to my new Etsy store!

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