Video: Glass Shard Application on Lampwork Bead

In this video I make a small bead with my own handblown shards!

Shards are thin sheets of blown glass that can be wrapped around beads to add interest and detail to a design. I used shards quite a lot back when I was making large focals. But applying them to small beads can be a bit tricky. Especially if you are using reactive shards that tend to move while they melt in the heat of the flame.

I hope you enjoy it!

Please note:  This video is a demonstration for entertainment purposes only.

A photo of the finished bead after kiln annealing…

hand blown glass shard bead, applying shards, making glass beads, aqua turquoise bead, organic beads

4 thoughts on “Video: Glass Shard Application on Lampwork Bead


    Hello Christina,Are you going to be listing the bead you have pictured in this post, or may I just purchase it?  I love the pattern on it!Kind regards,NanetteSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App


    1. ccglassart

      Hi Nanette! Thanks for your note 🙂 I am actually planning to offer some new Giveaways in the not too distant future (perhaps this weekend if I can figure it all out – lol!) And this will be one of the beads offered eventually. I will be hosting the giveaways on my FB page ( Even so, I do plan on making some Glass Shard beads available on Etsy soon too. They are a challenge, but so fun to make! 😀


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