Encased Murrini European Charm Big Hole Beads

What could be trickier than encasing tiny murrini chips in a large round bead? Encasing tiny murrini chips in a much smaller charm bead!

Let me tell ya! I thought making regular sized, round encased murrini beads was tough…I had another thing coming trying to squeeze as many murrini chips as possible into a much smaller charm bead.

The large hole means much less ‘volume of glass’ can be applied to the surface since they’re meant to be small and worn on a charm bead bracelet (such as Pandora, Troll, Biagi, etc.)

I do love a good challenge – but I don’t think I breathe at all when I make one of these beads, LOL 😀

Besides the fun of making them, my most favorite thing about these beads is the fact that there is something new to look at from every angle. That just makes them so special, I think. 🙂

All beads have a solid sterling silver core, and are currently available on Etsy:


Universal European Charm Beads

Hot off the torch!

We Heart Firefighters – big hole bead
Lilac Buds – big hole bead
Morning Dew – big hole bead
Night Lilies – big hole bead
Sunflower Buds – big hole bead
Teal Fire Opal – big hole bead

Summertime Big Hole Beads

I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of my Pandora-style bracelet this summer and thought others might be thinking the same thing. So I made a bunch of large hole glass beads over the weekend which universally fit all types of European charm bracelets like Trollbeads, Biagi, Chamilia, and Pandora.

Blue Lichen – BHB
Turquoise Shimmer – BHB
Sea Glass – Dark Teal
Sea Glass – Bubblegum Pink
Sea Glass – Aqua & Olive
Mermaid’s Crown – Gold Opals BHB
Marmalade – BHB
Coral & Lime Ribbons – BHB
Flamenco – BHB

Odd Lot Assorted Lampwork Bead Collection

Now and then I accumulate several beads that for one reason or another did not meet my extremely high standards enough to be sold individually. They’re each still beautiful in their own way, made with all my best materials, properly kiln annealed and thoroughly cleaned, but they just did not turn out as I had originally planned. So they go into what I call an ‘Odd Lot’ set.

This particular Odd Lot collection includes some great large size focals and three fully lined Pandora style charm beads!

Odd Lot - assorted lampwork bead collection

More Big Hole Glass Charm Beads for Pandora, Troll, Biagi

I’m on a roll!

“Jungle” Pandora style beads
“Tangerine Swirl” Pandora style bead
“Pink Tutu” Pandora style bead
“Ventura Pier” Pandora style bead

More to come… 😉