Springtime in SoCal + NEW Beads – 3/18/2021

Who else is still waking up an hour late after the time change…? 😮

On the bright side, we now have nice long days because of daylight savings – AND it means Spring is right around the corner! Woo hoo! 😀

Here in SoCal everything is starting to bloom! We have several fruit trees in our yard; plum, apple, nectarine, lemon and orange.

Nectarine and apple tree blossoms

The lemon tree has been producing fruit already. And while the nectarine and apple trees are in bloom, (see pic), we probably won’t have any fruit until mid-summer or so.

The plum tree hasn’t quite blossomed yet so it will be a while for that tree to produce anything.

We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to get to the fruit when it’s ripe before the birds do this year! Haha! 🙂

Thankfully the weather has been be perfect for making beads. So I’ve been able to spend some time on the torch – which has been so much fun.

Here are a few NEW beads that I’ve made recently (photographed outside in natural light with my iPhone) that you can now find in my Etsy shop…

Handmade glass art murrini bracelet beads

Cambria Reef – rustic shades of olive green, bronze and amber with touches of dark turquoise blue.

Del Mar Reef – misty colors of seafoam and soft blue with ivory and shimmering goldstone

Waikaloa Reef – tropical purple and lavender with aqua blue and spring green

Bora Bora Reef – contrasting shades of purple and orange with a bit of sparkly goldstone

Thanks so much for looking!

Christina C.


VIDEO – 8 Layer Glass Art Murrine Cane for Lampwork Beads Demo

I know how much fun it is to get a peek behind the scenes and watch the process of art being created. So, I love to make these videos when I can that show more of the process of how I make my murrine cane.

One of the main components in all my handmade glass art lampwork beads is murrini! I love the intricate designs and interest small murrini chips can add to beads. I especially love how they look under a clear glass encasement.

In this video I demonstrate how I create a complex, 8 layer full-size cane which will be cut down into smaller murrini chips and added to my handmade beads one-by-one.

Enjoy! 😀



A Few More NEW Beads – 2/16/2021

I have a few more new beads from my last batch…

You can find these now in my Etsy shop. Thanks for looking! 😀


Easter Reef - set of 2 encased round murrini beads
Malibu Reef - large marble shaped encaesd murrini bead
Easter Reef - big hole encased murrini bead
Sandbar Reef - big hole encased murrini bead


Winter Skies and NEW Beads – 2/11/2021

SoCal sunset

Hello! Winter is winding down here in my neck of the woods. But not before bringing us some of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen living in SoCal for the past 36 years.

Maybe I’m just older now so I’m appreciating them more. Lol! 😀  Either way I am soaking it all in…even the amazing constellations in these beautifully clear skies after dark have been fabulous!

I have been happily taking advantage of this time of year by spending some time in my happy place – at the torch. It has been the PERFECT weather for bead making! I don’t even have to run my noisy portable air conditioner!

Below are a few the new beads I’ve just listed in the Lampwork Bead Market group on Facebook. If they’re still available in a couple days they’ll be listed in my Etsy shop.

I hope all is well with you and thanks so much for your continued support and interest in my beads. 🙂


Reef Series encased murrini bead with brass bead caps
Reef Series Encaesd Murrini Bicone Bead
Encased murrini round bead with starfish
Reef Series big hole charm bracelet bead with encased murrini
Reef Series encased murrini big hole bead

NEW Beads – 9/25/2020

Smokey Sun

Hello! Well, Fall is officially here but we’re still seeing temperatures in the 90’s and next week will be 100+! 😦

Unfortunately, there are also fires still raging in the distance and the smoke and ash are being blown into our area.

I took this photo one afternoon when the smoke turned the sun an eerie dark orange.

Handmade Glass Art Encased Murrini Marble Style Pendant BeadIt has definitely been a crazy summer in more ways than one!

Thank goodness for things like making beads. Being creative is very therapeutic and I’m so happy when I’m able to spend some time at the torch.

Even though the weather hasn’t changed much yet, I know the cooler weather is just around the corner!

Handmade Glass Art Encased Murrini Charm Bracelet BeadIn the meantime, I do have a few new beads available this week over on Etsy (the large marble-style bead has sold already).   Handmade Glass Art Encased Murrini Charm Bracelet BeadHandmade Glass Art Encased Murrini Charm Bracelet Bead Example of a handful of beads photographed in full sun

I made these during the last cool-ish days we had (when we were only around 90, haha!)

I am really enjoying revisiting some of my previous designs from the past. I call them Neptune’s Net for the embedded copper mesh.

I also am having so much fun making larger size marble/paperweight-style gazing ball pendants.

Unlike most of my charm bracelet beads, these round gazing ball beads have a small hole that can be threaded right onto any smooth chain that is about 2.5mm or smaller. I often string them on ball-chain since it has the stability to showcase these larger beads well and the glass doesn’t catch on the chain.

Another way to wear these marble style beads is to use a ‘Beadhopper’ pendant stick to display them vertically.

OR, you can do what I usually do and just leave them on your desk to look at all day long. Lol! 😀


Thank you for looking and have a wonderful day,