Beads For A Cause

All month long I’ve been thinking about doing a set of beads in shades of pink where a portion of the sale price would be donated to breast cancer research since, after all, October is breast cancer awareness month.

I finally settled on this collection of colors and design that developed into what reminded me of seashells. Especially with the handpulled twistie cane of silver glass.Seashell

SEASHELL – available on eBay till Wednesday, October 28th







This next set started simply with the colors of transparent dark and light topaz glass. It wasn’t until I had almost completed making the set that the name of “Brulée” came to me because together the colors looked like the burnt sugar crust found on top of one of my favorite desserts, Creme Brulée! 

BRULEE – available on eBay until Wednesday, October 28th. 


The name for this collection, “Calypso”, actually came to me as soon as I choose the colored glass rods I’d be using while creating this set. With Fall bringing us its cooler temperatures, I knew I wanted to work with these fun colors of teal, lavender and violet that reminded me of being on vacation in some warm tropical place. 

CALYPSO – available on eBay until Wednesday, October 28th.


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Until next time,

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